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Dustin Humphrey for Insight51


These monochrome underwater shots are by Dustin Humphrey who was commissioned by Australian street/surf/skate label Insight51(Crazy video stuff if you hit that link). More photos after the jump.

Insight has launched an impressive art installation series entitled Dopamine, from setting up underwater art installations with surf actions shots in Bali and having re-created famous skate spots in the middle of the Balinese jungle.

The surf installation was inspired by Beatnick;, Steve Gorrow embarked on a journey beneath the sea to explore the depths of the mind and creativity. Along with the help of his brother, Steve shipped out to Bali to take on the massive feat of building above and beneath the sea to give birth to the latest Insight surf spectacle, and that is Dopamine. Not one to cut corners on creativity, Steve combined upside down bedrooms, naked girls on motor bikes and underwater shanty towns with the amazing skill of the Insight surf team (surfnics) and the photographic talents of Dustin Humphrey to create an array of split double world madness. Welcome to Insight’s latest surf campaign featuring surfers Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Made Lana,Jason Apparicio & The Jamaican Surf Team.”

These images are nothing short of spectacular, for a surf and skate label, they have really brought their marketing/advertising to the next level. Admittedly It doesnt really make me want to surf or buy clothing, but it does make me want to ride a motorcycle underwater.

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  1. Out of this world mega cool.

  2. Russell KING says:

    Great , I like the black and white , give a past , present & future feel to the images, the under water sculptures I ‘ve made in the U.K and terschelling Island oon the north coast of Holland were fun
    and also delt with the dreaming consious mind ,like 400 random lights premiating in a lake at night.
    or some moderen yet Jewles vern type syimbolic stulpture , sorry about my spelling any way s get email me any new stuff, well done man it is cool. Russell KING email

  3. in google you can type in russell king artist and get some small bit of art ive done as ive not web
    site at the moment

  4. No thanks Russel.

  5. do you know where to get those posters please?


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