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Draganfly X6 – Camera Mountable RC Helicopter

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For you budding film makers out there, this will certainly give you a nerd-gasm. A mini RC helicopter, that can mount a camera (digital camera or HD video camera). It’s built out of triple-tipped carbon fiber and is powered by two carbon rotors on each end. The design allows it to move in all directions rapidly, provide enough control to zip around indoors yet resist up to 18mph of wind.

The camera mount is oil-dampening to dramatically reduce vibration for smooth shooting of video. The helicopter also contains a GPS which feeds positioning data into the remote control’s LCD. How cool is that?

I’m guessing this thing would be pretty damn pricey. But check out the videos of it in action, on the draganfly website.

via Gizmodo


UPDATE: The base model price is: $14995(USD). Other packages like the HD still camera package is $22080 USD and the HD video is $22480 USD. Shipping is not included in these prices

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