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Let’s not call it ‘Cuprocking’


Although a certain Sydney artist, claims to have invented what he calls ‘cuprocking‘ (that’s a little bit like saying you invented drawing by calling it ‘Penstroking’) – it’s basically a type of street art made by pushing plastic cups into a chain link fence.

He might have coined the cute name, he’s DEFINITELY not the first to do it. Just doing a search on plastic cup fence and you’ll get a lot of interesting work, many of which take place considerably before the debut of ‘cuprocking’.

Anyway we personally really like the ‘You Are Beautiful’ cup fence installation (pictured above). It was done back in 2003. What we especially dig about it is how it evolved over the course of two months by randoms interacting/collaborating with the art – which was documented by the original artists in photographs – Check it out.

Other examples of plastic cup/fence artwork we like, after the jump.

link – Mooks and Vice Magazine sponsored, self-proclaimed original ‘cuprocker’ – Andy Uprock

via today and tomorrow

By Sourcelab

by katrinkles

Ziggy Stardust
by Unknown

A much more interesting execution of the same basic concept. By Trifocal Projects

USA Flag
by Unknown

By Eine

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  1. Editors Note: We don’t hate Andy or his so called ‘Cuprocking’, we just dislike people coining names for stuff that has existed for quite sometime. 😛

  2. I want to think I took the cup idea to the next level…..
    check it out at

  3. thecupartist says:

    I want to think I took the cup thing to the next level…
    check out

  4. I agree with the editor….its not a personal hit on him….just the bullshit sales pitch on such an easy thing to do…this is how your going to be rememered, id be a little more carful with your name dude. Im sure the world tour was dope…hell you’d have to be stupid not to take that kind of offer…but put a filter on what you let them do with your image….

  5. check your eco footprints people. clearly uprock is still slockrocking around the city streets of sydney adding to the already over polluted environment. these plastic cup pieces of ‘art’ end up being blown all over our streets, parks and work places. Cudos to the man above who has invented the more environmentally friendly paper putincups and probably has at least a shred of humility to boot…

  6. Yes, despite Mooks asserting that all his work is recycled afterwars, there are plenty of decaying and jus tplain shit looking examples left around Sydney by Uprock and his cohorts. The man and his corporate backers might very well clean up as they go, but the brainless 18 year old street rats that want to bask in his glory and emulate his style tend not to have the same level of environmental responsibility towards their own pieces.

  7. it really annoys me to see the remains of cups dotted around the city. At least ‘real’ street art stays on the walls and not the sidewalk.

    I’m pretty certain the cups are not used cups either, so in the day and age of green and carbon footprints etc, why someone like Mooks even wants to associate themselves with what is basically ‘buying loads of plastic cups and leaving them in the street unused’ seems a little wasteful and VERY unethical on an environmental level.

  8. look i can see alot of hate put towards uprock, to let you know he ‘s been doing the cup thing way before eine and dont think he’s tried to claim title of inventing it.thats more the companies trying to own his shit…he’s definately the first to go bombing with cups and through that he’s come up with his own name cuprocking for the work he does..he’s not the first in essence to ever put a cup in a fence but his work is definately the best and stands alone in in the field of ‘cup art’

    ray hughes

  9. you are all so heated with this cup shit ..i agree with ray he is the first to do it legit graff stlye… yep b4 ‘eine’ and he’s termed his own name for what he does

    he is in his own league and his work is valid



  10. This is like the most commented post we’ve ever done.
    We thank all your contributions.
    Now to find more people assholes to call out.

  11. I dont get why its so wrong he calls his practice cuprocking…if the title explains what he does he should feel free to run with it
    get ur hands off your dicks and stop hating



  12. The real question is why ray, jonny and realms are all using the same IP address to come here and defend Mr Uprock. Care to fill us in lads?

  13. i think you are all taking this to seriously…its just cups in a fence.


  14. I was forced to do this in elementary school to put “spirit words” up in the fences around the school around home sporting events. This was like 1993-94.

  15. agreed. that tapewriting is fucking mad.
    love it.


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