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This is real fandom – Comic Book Tattoos


Inspired by Wired Magazine, we’ve scoured the net to find photos on those that love their comic book characters so much – they get them permanently inked. Some great pics after the jump.

link Wired


Justice League

Sandman Tattoo

Captain America Tattoo

Peanuts Tattoo
This is just too damn cute


Batman Tattoos

Batman Tattoos

Hellboy Tattoos
Hellboy – work in progress

More Hulk

Batmand and Superman

Hulk AND Wolverine Tattoo

Spiderman Tattoo
This one is probably my favourite. Damn impressive, l don’t even like Spidey, but its amazing.

Spidey and Dali
Okay Dali isn’t a comic book character, but if he could have been, he would have been.

Girl with Tattoos

Lots of Tattoos

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  1. Amazing!

    Just got my next ink idea!

  2. that bruce banner/hulk transforming one is FIIIIRE!

    fuckin’ intense dude, nice.

  3. WILD!

  4. That spiderman one is amazing. Whoever did it is truly an artist

  5. the one of death is fucking rad!!!!

  6. How do I post my tats up here I have 9 comic book tats lol

  7. logikus says:

    Awesome. Take some nice photos and send them to and I’ll post them up.

  8. thats epic man. anyone got the disney princesses?
    i know a girl who has a true to original ariel down her right arm, then a ‘pin-up’ style ariel down her left.

    so CA$H.

  9. bryan webb says:

    i would like to send pic of my marvel comic body atr but were can i send it to ty bryan webb.

  10. Sent ya my tats bud in case you wanted to post them

  11. Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed the read

  12. paintthefaint says:

    that dali tattoo is amazing


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