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New Nano


So for those of you who aren’t massive apple slaves fanboys addicts evangelists. Steve Jobs held this big event in San Francisco which they labelled ‘Let’s Rock’. They announced a whole bunch of new stuff, which you can read all about at places like engadget and iphoneuserguide. None of it is particularly mindblowing.

The only thing that really mattered was the new ipod nano, which is now:

– 6.4mm thick
– 8gb or 16gb
– AUD$199 and $279 respectively
– Comes in even more colours

I kinda like the purple one. 

via engadget

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the cutest feature. You shake the ipod it to ‘shuffle’ to a random song.

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  1. awesome – so everytime you run or shake your bag around you’ll hear a random tune??

  2. i believe there would be a ‘lock’ function to prevent that.