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Nostalgia: Forgotten 80’s/90’s Cartoons


So what does everyone remember when someone mentions 80’s cartoons? Typically you’d hear twentysomethings mention Inspector Gadget, Ninja Turtles, He-Man and Transformers etc etc. But what about all those other weekday afternoon and saturday morning cartoons?? Those ones that you loved at the time, but probably rates so well and have gotten lost as we have gotten older and wiser more jaded.

DEGOURGET’s takes a trip back over the often forgotten animated memories.

We’ve got TEN GLORIOUS VIDEOS after the jump.

I’m not going to bother with a synopsis of each show – since its made pretty clear in all these videos that it was mandatory back then to CLEARY STATE THE PREMISE IN A VOICEOVER of each show in its opening sequence.

1. The Mysterious Cities of Gold

“The opening song to this show brings back wonderfully painful childhood memeories. This show went on for ages, but I often wondered what the hell was the fixation with finding the damn cities of gold. They already have a GIANT CONDOR MADE OF GOLD THAT FLIES THEM ANYWHERE. Greedy freaking bastards.”

2. Gummi Bears

“This was one trippy freaking show, especially from Disney. I mean, c’mon, they drink “Secret Juice” and they start bouncing around like they are on acid.”

3. C.O.P.S

“I completely forgot about this show until the other day when my mate was trying to remind me about a cartoon with a guy-like-robocop-except-hes-a-black-man. That was a pretty weird explanation, but it instantly brought back memories.”

4. Bravestar

“Bravestar was my hero. I wanted his horse. I wanted to be him. I do remember forcing myself to cry in attempt to get my mother to buy me the official Bravestar Gun and Cowboy Hat set. Hey this was pretty original for its time: A Sci-fi western. Cowboys with frickin lazers!”

5. Count Duckula

“I swear Duckula still appears in my dreams sometimes. This was an odd show. I still don’t get why they were all birds. I know someone who is pretty scared of birds. I wonder what she’d think of UNDEAD VAMPIRE BIRDS.”

6. Samurai Pizza Cats

“I loved this show, but I was always confused about its cultural elements. I mean they are cats, who are like ninjas, who have Italian names and serve pizza. But they call them samurais. God it confused me.”

7. Silverhawks

“The older kids used to rave about Thundercats, I do remember watching it. But I remember this Follow up, Silverhawks, much more clearly. The animation still looks good by today’s standards. So shiny.”

8. Bumpety Boo

“This is pretty damn obscure. I’ve only ever met one other person as an adult that remembers this. It was very Japanese. And the car was freakily alive. I mean, what would it feel like to touch him? Like a horse? a fish? a living metal hotdog?”

9. King Arthur & the Knights of Justice

“I specifically remember this show because of King Arthur’s crazy bling gold armour, which has a built-in crown. And the guitar riff in the intro music is just killer.”

10. Pound Puppies

“Based on that toy line of the same name. No, I actually hated this show, but my sister was obsessed. She got my parents to buy the VHS’s and she would watch, rewind, watch, rewind, watch, rewind until the VCR broke. The opening songs are so deeply ingrained into my memory it hurts. Warning: The song is likely to cause you mental stress with all its barking and bopping and shit.”

Here’s a bonus vid for smokers and Flintstones fans alike.


By popular demand. M.A.S.K.
“I personally remember the toys better than the cartoon itself. In case you ever wondered, M.A.S.K stands for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand. Wow with a K. This was BEFORE the nineties, five years before. They were ahead of their time. The car was definitely the coolest. Anyway, how come they needed to wear power rangers style helmets to transform??. Also interesting anecdote, this was an American directed cartoon for the American market, but animated in Japan, which kinda explains the cool designs.”

If you remember more than five of these, you either have amazing memory or you were a cartoon addict which has now left you with attention span of no than 10mins (between ad breaks). Leave a comment and mention your lost favourites!!

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  1. what about MASK????
    very few people remember MASK. or the Snorks the underwater smurfs.

  2. MASK was the shit. That weaponary was out of control. I remember having the helicopter in toy form. plus the bad guys was pretty badass as well.

  3. How could I possibly forget M.A.S.K!
    This show went for 3 years and they made 75 episodes of this show. Serious business. It’s now updated. Any more we’ve missed?

  4. I came to make sure you had The Mysterious Cities of Gold, and it was exactly where it belongs. number 1!
    When i was in year 5 i heard a piece of music (i think it was the baby elephant walk) which triggered a memory of a show from even earlier in my youth, but i coudnt remember exactly what it was. all i could remember was a scene with a group of people walking up an underground clif-side staircase, and that one of them was a man with a purple cape. Right then and there i was desperate to know what the show was, and like any other thing that sits on your edge of your tongue, i expected it would come to me later that night. but it didnt, and i always wondered. Fast forward about 12 years and i still had no idea what that show was, and was still keen to find out, and so i hit up my new friend wikipedia for the abc childrens shows list, and there it was mysterious cities of gold!

    you know how good it feels remembering somebodies name 2 days later, well imagine working out someting that had been plaguing you for 12 years! i almost cried when i wacthed the intro as the memories came flying back. esteban and zia, the golden condor, tao.. so so good!

    i watched the first 20something episodes, adn while they weren’t as good as i remembered, and didn’t have the great documentary after each one in my download, they still took me back to the source of my lust for jungles and animals tat has taken me to th jungles of sth america and africa. i love it.
    They have just released the australian dvd box set of MCoG (which is what maybe triggered this article?), and its $75 at JB Hifi, so anybody that wants a trip down memory lane can hit it up..

    thanks fellas. :)

  5. Count Duckula is like the coolest character ever.
    Is it done by the guys who did duck tales?
    He kinda reminds me of a younger, more juvenile Scrooge McDuck.

  6. Sneak, you are wayyy off. Duck Tales was Disney, Duckula was British. It was actually a spin-off show from Danger Mouse.

    The drawing of the beak, is actually a little similar though, I’ll give ya that.

  7. Robert Thompson says:

    Knights of magical light.

    This is not one from really early on in my youth (I am 29) but still a good one! The intro was KickAss too !!

  8. What about Bionic 6?

  9. Thought id throw a few more in here as ive bn diggin up pics o all my old faves fae ma childhood.
    80’s. Centurions, Inhumanoids, Gobots, Voltron.
    90’s. Double dragon, Conan.
    I also used to watch a cartoon fae da 80’s dat had a lead guy who looked like Conan bt had a huge golden haired horse but I cant find it anywhere or remember its name.
    Also there was one of Sheriffs of space, riding robotic horses n armed with white lazer pistols.

  10. what about the visionaries? they had the cool holograms on their chest plates depicting animals that they could morph into when they chose!!!

  11. what about the one with the guys the rode insects….. i can not remember what they were called…. ifa anyone remembers please email me

  12. my kids used to watch a program during the middle to late 90’s and i cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. It was a cartoon about these couple of kids who liked to play music, and they had scooters that they would ride to a old train tunnel and play there. Their dad looked a little like…. elvis presely? but i have another kid who is only little and i would like her to watch it. can anyone tell me what its called?

    thanks :)

  13. Sorry, all that comes to mind is Kid ‘n’ Play or the animated version of Bil & Ted’s Excellent Adventures, neither of which really seems to match what you describe. You might try Wikipedia’s “List of animated television series” and see if any of the names are familiar. In the meantime, anyone remember Galaxy High?