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Amazing photos of North Korea

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Tristan linked us to these spectacular photos taken in North Korea and published on the Boston Globe website. These photos were all taken within the past six months – some taken from the borders, peering in, others provided by North Korea itself, and several generously shared by freelance photographer Eric Lafforgue, who recently spent some time inside the country.

North Korea celebrates its 60th birthday this year – the last Stalinist state in the world. In such a closed off country we rarely get to see glimpses of what life is like inside its borders. I’ve always been somewhat fixated with the place – it’s such a different place from the rest of the world – and so vastly different from the other side of its border. It’s like a sci-fi alternate history portal, a parallel universe, or bizzaro world or something.

Check out the rest of the photos at the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

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