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Moleskine Art: more than mere doodles


Matt sent us this great link to Smashing Magazine where there is an awesome collection of Moleskine art.

I love my Moleskine, and I wish it had art in it as good as some of these.  Mine tends to be filled with work-related notes, skulls, and ill proportioned blob shaped monster/robot things – much like my school notepads. Some things never change I guess.

A moleskine, by the way, if you didn’t know (shame on you!) Moleskine is a brand of notebook manufactured by Italian based Moleskine srl. Although the name implies otherwise, the notebook is not bound in the skin of an animal, but oilcloth-covered cardboard. What makes a moleskine, a moleskine is its elastic band o hold the notebook closed, a sewn spine that allows it to lie flat when opened, rounded corners, a ribbon bookmark and an expandable pocket inside the rear cover.

Interesting Fact: Although Moleskine claims their notebook has been used by well-known artists and writers, such class as Picasso, Hemmingway and Matisse its a bit bullshit as the Moleskine name was only officially registered only in 1996. Francesco Franceschi, head of Modo & Modo’s marketing department, was quoted as saying, “It’s an exaggeration. It’s marketing, not science. It’s not the absolute truth.” HA!

Some of our favourite pieces, after the jump.

via Smashing Magazine

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  1. One of the artist featured in the link to this post (featured picture above = 2nd from top): Mattias Adolfsson (SWEDISH)

    Check out some of his other works.
    They’re great – extravagant & beautifully imaginative

  2. Как раз то что искал, большое спасибо!


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