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Beautiful Chinese New Year Pics

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Happy (belated) Chinese New Year.

Our favorite press photo site, Big Picture, as usual brings us some really pretty photos.

I love Chine New Year. The mooncakes. The lion dance. The firecrackers. The fireworks. And did I mention the firecrackers? I love firecrackers.

And apparently: The OX year is a conservative year, one of traditions and values. This is not a year to be outrageous. A slow but steady year. This OX year will bring stability and growth where patience and diligence pays off. This is a year of Harvest – when we reap what we have sown. Take care of business this year, do not let things slide.

Well – you heard the zodiac dude. Get off your ass and get workin, this year.

Video of the fireworks craziness, after the jump.

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