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House with a stunning garage feature

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So you are an hotshot rockstar Japanese architect, who specialises in doing beautiful minimal spaces with lots of natural light. Then comes along some wealthly Tokyo dude who has a thing for collecting exotic cars. He makes an interesting request: “I want to be able to fit nine supercars in my garage, and I want it so I can display one of the cars inside the living room. Oh and I also want a massive goddamn tree too in the living room too”.

Crazy, maybe. But this Japan. And this is exactly (well maybe not in those words) what was requested of Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida.

He’s managed to build a house, with a motorized lift, that quite literally brings a car up from the garage to display in the living room.

Check out the result below, pretty damn stunning.

photos © Koichi Torimura
via what we do is secret

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  1. logikus says:

    This is seriously stunning