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Top 10 Essential Gear for Freelance Journalists, Writers and Bloggers


Every established, aspiring or wannabe journalist/writer/blogger has a bag of essential gear that they depend on. It’s all digital these days you need to be connected, you need to be able to write, edit, shoot your own stuff and upload it on the go. Not to forget those moments when you decide to go all retro analogue and use a notepad and pen. To pack it all up also need a nice, protective and stylish bag to shove everything in – and a jacket with enough pockets to store all those gadgets and notes.

Here are our picks for The Freelance Journalist / Writer / Blogger.

10. LaCie iamakey 16GB USB Drive – A simple and cute look for something you can’t live without.

9. Rothco Lightweight Vintage M-65 Field Jacket – Enough pockets to store everything, and look sharp, in khaki for that authentic reporter look.

8. Pilot G2 Limited Fine Point Black Gel Ink Pen, Charcoal Metallic Barrel – Tried and tested classic unfailable pen.

7. Moleskine Reporter, Small Plain Notebook – The age old classic notepad, you gotta have one of these.

6. Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder – A nice looking solution for keeping the pen with the moleskine.

5. Canon PowerShot G11 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Zoom and flipping LCD – A killer camera for pro SLR quality shots in a compact body that will fit in a jacket pocket.

4. Joby GPM-A1ENGorillapod Magentic Flexible Tripod – Indispensable for when shooting without a partner, attaches to almost anything, strong enough to hold up the Canon G11

3. Manhattan Portage Deluxe Computer Bag – Nothing fancy, packs everything safely and built to last. Looks smart enough with a suit and just as comfortable with casual wear.

2. Blue Mikey for iPhone – Turn your iPhone into a professional recorder. Not yet released, but it’s predecessor for the iPod was a fantastic device.

1. Apple iPad with Wireless Keyboard – Trendy, yes. But consider its size and performance with it’s price – and it pretty much beats all the netbooks out there. Add on the lovely wireless keyboard – and you have a competent professional device.


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  1. Great little list. Mind you with the Wireless Keyboard, you’re going to need to prop the iPad somehow on your own.

  2. logikus says:

    The iPad dock would work, as pictured.
    The other thing would be do use one of the leather cases, fold it over backwards, and prop it up landscape style, like an art folio.