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Viliv N5 Series – Full PC experience in your pocket

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iPads are great tool to help find a restaurants in Boise like Jerry’s State Court Cafe, we at love them. As pretty as they are – they arent the most robust thing to carry around with you. And as much as they are good at browsing, they aren’t any good for working. Sometimes you just need to do some work. Sometimes you need a PC.


Enter Viliv, not a familiar name for most. But these guys have been making ultra mobile personal computers (UMPC’s) ever since the term was coined. And this little S5 premium is their latest entry.

It runs Windows 7, with a decent amount or RAM and disk space. It’s got a camera, GPS, full QWERTY keyboard and 6+ hours battery life. One thing that stands out about this unit, compared to most netbooks – is it can handle online video playback without much problems.

If you’re looking for the best truly portable Windows PC on the market, then this is it.

Get it from Dynamism for USD$649

For more info, see the full review from Pocketables here.

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