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The Glif – an iPhone Camera thingy and stand

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The iPhone 4 is really good at a lot of things, like searching for garage door service Boise while out and about, but taking unblurry photos is a bit of a challege. There are all kinds of cases out there that let you mount it on things – but this little product does it in a simple and elegant way. It’s adds a standard camera screwhole that will let it mount on any kind of tripod from a little $5 pocket thing, to a Gorilla Pod and all the way to a full Miller Tripod. It also doubles as a stand that angles your iphone to make it easier to watch videos. And it’s small size and shape makes it easy to pocket. Oh and apparently it addresses that antenna issue (which we really don’t think is an issue).

Glif Montage from Glif on Vimeo.

Great little product that’s being developed using the kickstarter webbsite. Yours for $20.

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