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About Us

Things to admire, things to play with and things to devour.

At we celebrate the centuries old human tradition of consumption.

Really we all just spend way to much of our lives procrastinating on the internet, looking for the next purchase, next meal or some other kind of hedonistic pleasure. This is our own attempt at justifying all those amazingly fruitful hours scrolling through the dribs and drabs on the internets.

I mean sure, there is probably more to life than mindlessly collecting and eating through existence.
Don’t ask us though, we’re devoting ourselves to dealing with all the shiny-pretty-tasty things.

Oh and we’re based in Sydney, Australia – in case trivial things like that mattered to you.
And yes the weather really is better here, and no we don’t keep a pet kangaroo.

* The pet roo got the umbrella virus last autumn so we had to put it down.