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Daft Punk: Tron Legacy Soudtrack

Over the past few weeks there have a bunch of fake songs going around claiming to be Daft Punks work for the upcoming film. These however have been officially confirmed by the website. Tron: Legacy will be in theaters December 17th, 2010. Can’t wait. Daft Punk for Tron Legacy Soundtrack by...

Daft Punk: Tron Legacy Soudtrack
posted on: Jul 26, 2010 | author: Edna

DIY Daft Punk Helmet in just 17 months...

This is beyond impressive, this is completely geektastic. The dedication and obsession that went into this is phenomenal. It only took Volpin Props a full 17 months of blood, sweat and tears to create this amazing Daft Punk helmet. Complete with colorful lighting and shiny gold exterior. Check out the process in the video, appropriately made with a Daft Punk soundtrack. More images at Volpin Props website and flickr...

DIY Daft Punk Helmet in just 17 months
posted on: Jul 23, 2010 | author: Edna

The 5 Best Portable Vinyl Players

Although iPods are the norm, and digital distribution is here to stay – with vinyl sales increasing each year what is certain is that vinyl is never going to disappear. It was international record store day on the 18th of May – so we thought we’d do a vinyl related post. The best way to listen to a vinyl would be on a proper vintage hi-fi setup, however not everyone has the space for a second hi-fi setup as it’s not easy to work a turntable into a home theatre setup these days. So the next best option a quality portable vinyl player. Not one of those horrible ones you find for 29.95 at a discount store. You...

The 5 Best Portable Vinyl Players
posted on: Apr 19, 2010 | author: Edna

Wu-Note Project: Remixing Album Art

Designer Logan Walters has come up with the Wu-Note Project. He has set himself out to redesign all the classic album cover artwork for the Wu-Tang Discography, which is notorious for some horribly aged artwork.

Wu-Note Project: Remixing Album Art
posted on: Jun 2, 2009 | author: Edna

LIP Watches – Retro french horology...

The French brand LIP has been around 150 years but have been hard to obtain anywhere outside Europe. Now, under the watchful eye of Lip’s new design director Prisca Briquet they have now reissued some of their most important models from a modern collection that remains as visionary today as when first launched 35 years ago.

LIP Watches – Retro french horology
posted on: May 21, 2009 | author: Edna

Study Ball, tie yourself to your work – literally...

I came across the Study Ball on Darrell Whitelaw’s entertaining Twitter feed and I share his sentiment; I can’t wait to have kids upon whose fragile psyche I can unleash this little puppy. The Study Ball is a ball and chain with a time lockĀ  designed to help you keep track of your study. At 10kgs and US$115 it’s way too light and expensive to be truly effective as a torture tool but as an honour system/ evocative reminder that schooling is a prison of the mind, it’ll do the job. Unfortunately the timer isĀ  limited to 4 hours, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is hardly a suitable time period in which to instill discipline. My little brats...

Study Ball, tie yourself to your work – literally
posted on: May 18, 2009 | author: thedirtymexican

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