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Adversity brings out creativity

Supposedly this great period of financial turmoil will be a boon to the arts and self expression asĀ  we all try to make sense of this new paradigm into which we’ve been plunged. Can’t remember where I read that but I’m pretty sure that was the gist of one of the many ‘it won’t be so bad’ things the NYT, SMH, Guardian, et al. put out from time to time. I imagine Cards of Change is exactly the type of thing they imagine popping up all over the place. A project started by a group of laid off TBWA/Chiat/Day employees the idea is that you take your business card from your freshly former place of employment, scratch out...

Adversity brings out creativity
posted on: May 12, 2009 | author: thedirtymexican

Creative Christmas Card Competition Continues...

  A testament to having too much time on one’s hands, it makes you wonder why it is we have failed to cure cancer when we have the nous to create masterpieces like this....

posted on: Dec 16, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

Useful Christmas Card

So it’s that time of the year again, all the so-called ‘creative companies’ come out with their christmas cards in a vain attempt to show some form of corporate empathy in the public eye – whilst really trying to one-up their competitors in a battle royale of we’re-cooler-and-more-creative -than-you. It’s all very entertaining, most attempts though end up painfully mediocre at best. Rant aside, this card suprised us with being the most useful and most amusing we’ve seen so far. Done for FBI Recruitment by those crazy kids at Toko and our good mates Southpaw its exactly what the doctor ordered – quite literally. The viral states that FBI Recruitment, who know where you work, also know that...

Useful Christmas Card
posted on: Dec 5, 2008 | author: Edna

Guitar Hero x Bicycle = Bike Hero?

This is awesome. We love Guitar Hero, and we love bicycles. Someone combined the two and it resulted in awesomeness. Looking at the effort they went to setting this up though – I’m suspicious that it’s a viral ad for the game launch itself? Still – doesn’t stop it from being...

posted on: Nov 21, 2008 | author: Edna

Museum of Arts and Design

The revamped Museum of Arts and Design opened in New York a few weeks back They’re sporting newly redesigned digs and a brand spanking new graphic identity. The geometric design is apparently all over the city, plastered on the side of planes, trains and automobiles as well as the odd street banner. One can only begin to imagine the pressure involved in being the person responsible for creating an identity for a museum dedicated to great design but, for what it’s worth, I think the guys at Pentagram did a pretty good job. I’m a fan of the unique typeface they’ve created. Apparantly they drew inspiration from the building’s shape and location to create the new look. You...

Museum of Arts and Design
posted on: Oct 25, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

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