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Handmade Recycled Beer Glasses

Drink beer. Save the World. I’m usually not that excited by recycled homewares, but I do like well designed novelty goods, am a fan of handmade things and I certainly like things related the alcohol consumption.

Handmade Recycled Beer Glasses
posted on: Jun 2, 2009 | author: Edna

Japanese Tattoo Table

The unfortunately named ‘Yakuza’ is a digitally tattooed wooden table by Reddish Studio. It looks like it’s part of a collection. We have no idea what the ‘digital tattoo’ process involves, but it definitely looks pretty cool. It’s made out of veneered MDF with some kind of digital printing technology.

Japanese Tattoo Table
posted on: Jun 1, 2009 | author: Edna

Lamp pretends to be bucket of blood, ...

The liquid lamp by Kouichi Okamoto is as beautiful as it is fun to look at.  The illusion it creates and vector-esque...

Lamp pretends to be bucket of blood, is awesome
posted on: May 4, 2009 | author: Edna

Clark Little’s Breaking Waves

I came across these images when having a browse through the Guardian website. It was a nice sight for bleak morning...

Clark Little’s Breaking Waves
posted on: May 1, 2009 | author: Edna

studio shulab ‘lightpot’ ...

Has anyone stayed up late enough to watch that infomercial for the Aerogarden? Clearly targeted at pot growers, this...

studio shulab ‘lightpot’ concept is pretty
posted on: Mar 24, 2009 | author: Edna

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