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Boba Fett Nike Dunks

A Boba Fett Edition of the Nike SB Dunk High!! I bet you can hear the groans of orgasmic geek pleasure resonating across the internet from deep within North Korea. We found these on CtotheJL, but other than the pick there doesn’t seem to be much info out there. Apparently they’re a special super dooper limited release that will be popping up in a few select Nike SB retailers. Keep an eye out for them. via...

Boba Fett Nike Dunks
posted on: Sep 30, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

Nike Starts Snowboarding

Nike have released the first pieces for their new snowboarding range. It’s a modified Air Force 1 style snowboarding boot that stays pretty true to the originals. Apparently the models pictured here are actually scaled down toy replicas that were given out as promos. Check the whole range out after the jump. via Sneaker...

Nike Starts Snowboarding
posted on: Sep 28, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

Nike makes yet another great ad

I have to say that a Nike branded fleece hoodie would ordinarily be waaaaaay down my list of must haves. But this little piece for the AW77 Hoody (I prefer to spell it with an ie on the end) made me heart the hoodie before i even saw the finished product. Powerful stuff or a testament to how suggestible I am? I’ll duck that little bit of self analysis and concentrate on finding other great Nike ads for you to have a little look at. Hit a couple of my recent Nike faves after the jump. Via Iain...

posted on: Sep 16, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

Nike Mexican Flavours

Nike opened the very first Nike Sportswear store for the Americas in Mexico City last week. You’ll find it in La Condesa, once a bohemian magnet that drew Kerouac, Burroughs and co, now an trendy slightly upscale hive of cool restaurants and boutiques. Okay, so by Mexican standards it’s fucking upscale, but for non-mexicans think a Williamsburg-ish, Darlinghurst-esque type of suburb. In true Nike fashion, they got together a bunch of talented artists to promote this auspicious event. Each artist was asked to get inspired by Mexican culture and put together some posters as well as a live art installation for the store. The list of peeps involved is Jason Maloney, Joe Ledbetter, Jesse Reno, Bigfoot, Carlos Ramos,...

Nike Mexican Flavours
posted on: Aug 28, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

It’s not a electro music video – its an ad for Nike...

Nike Sportswear – The windrunner par Jonas et François This promo clip (by Jonas & François) was done for Nike Sportswear for the release of their Windrunner, which now apparently comes in crazier electro rave like colours. We like this clip – it looks and sounds cool. To be honest I’ve never been such a fan of their work, but I do specifically like this promo clip. If you haven’t heard of them – Jonas & François are a French directing team, who mainly do adverts and music videos. They are most famous for directing video clips of Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E” and Madonna and Justin Timberlake’s “4 Minutes”. The crunchy minimalist electro sound is pretty awesome. Anyone know who...

posted on: Aug 22, 2008 | author: Edna

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