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Tetris in Live Lanes

If you head down Abercrombie Lane, off George St (next to the cinemas) you may be in danger of being hit by a falling tetris block. Installation art by Gaffa Gallery artists and project team: Kelly Robson, Ella Barclay, Hugh Rutherford, Adrianne Tasker, Ben Backhouse. They write: There are grand implications of error here that lead to questions, such as who exactly has been playing Giant Tetris? What were they trying to do? Could I have done better? Is the city grid similar to a computer game or different? What brain-space am I in when I’m playing games on my computer? Is it more or less alert than when I’m waiting in line for a sandwich? The work...

Tetris in Live Lanes
posted on: Jan 6, 2009 | author: Edna

Sydney: Numskull Show

If you’re in Sydney this Friday and looking for some free beer and a bit of art head down to the MTV Galleries in East Sydney and check out the Numskull show. These tend to get quite crowded, quite quickly, so as with any gallery opening the early bird gets the free booze and the late comers get to stomp around all desultory and emo like while they try and convince their friends to finish up their drinks quickly and head on up to the Brighton or OAF. If you’re not familar with Numskull, visit his...

Sydney: Numskull Show
posted on: Dec 3, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

ABOVE’s South Central Tour

Street artist ABOVE has finished his South Central tour across the Americas. He’s posted the final video in the four part series complete with the requisite salsalicious soundtrack. Check it out above or watch the whole series from start to finish after the jump. Read more about this well travelled man of mystery, paint and wit here SouthCentral Tour (PART 1 OF 4) from ABOVE on Vimeo. SouthCentral Tour (Part 2 of 4) from ABOVE on Vimeo. SouthCentral Tour (Part 3 of 4) from ABOVE on Vimeo. SouthCentral: Part 4 (The Final Chapter!) from ABOVE on...

posted on: Nov 26, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

Tag A Dummer

Tag a Dummer is an activist project that seeks to raise awareness of the negative environmental impact of the Hummer. Participants are urged to leave a message for owners by defacing the car’s branding and changing it from Hummer to Dummer. A special template in the exact dimension of the Hummer logo has been made available on the Tag a Dummer site to enable this. Simply download it, print out some stickers, identify your target, modifiy their logo and voila – instant activism. The site has a photo gallery of tagged dummers and a counter keeping track of successfully carried out Hummer hits as well as a variety of stats on the impact of the cars, alternative uses...

Tag A Dummer
posted on: Oct 13, 2008 | author: thedirtymexican

The Urban Cookbook – Recipes for the Graffiti Generation...

Came accross this in my favourite Sydney bookstore, Ariel, the other day. A pretty novel concept – combining two of our favourite things in the world: Art and Eating. The author put this book together over a great excuse for a trip around Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam to London and New York. His road-trip rules were to use public transport, eat street food, and stay in cheap, locally run hotels. All of which allowing him to focus on visiting underground-art-type places, people and events that are seldom covered in traditional culinary or travel titles. There’s fifty recipes including such tantalising urban dishes as:┬áJerk chicken with hot pepper gravy, Ras-el-hanout lamb, Trinchada, Potjiekos and Rajad’s perfect steak. I’m hungry...

The Urban Cookbook – Recipes for the Graffiti Generation
posted on: Oct 7, 2008 | author: Edna

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