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Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review

One of our favourite reasonably prices watches now comes in multiple colour schemes. We looked at Luminox before, they are the military watch manufacturer known for their special gas illumination technology – which makes their watches glow for ages. The new Colormark Chrono (Chronograph) – in a delightful green on black color scheme. The Colormark line started with a three-hand model, where Luminox took their standard look, and switched up the colors for something more fun. As such, you have options such as green, blue, orange, and white. Not a luxury timepiece, but is a great little workhorse. For people in the active duty world, these have always been popular pieces for being highly legible, durable, and light...

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review
posted on: Aug 9, 2010 | author: Edna

LIP Watches – Retro french horology...

The French brand LIP has been around 150 years but have been hard to obtain anywhere outside Europe. Now, under the watchful eye of Lip’s new design director Prisca Briquet they have now reissued some of their most important models from a modern collection that remains as visionary today as when first launched 35 years ago.

LIP Watches – Retro french horology
posted on: May 21, 2009 | author: Edna